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Doctor Who Takeover Week is in full-effect on BBC America, where Doctor Who episodes are airing all week with a slew of specials to accompany them. We talked about the Make Your Own Sunday poll last week where Whovians were able to vote on which episodes they’d want to see aired on Sunday, August 24th after the series 8 premiere on Saturday…and the results are in! 

9:00am: The Day of the Doctor
10:40am: The Time of the Doctor
12:00pm: The Christmas Invasion
1:00pm: The Name of the Doctor
2:00pm: The Empty Child
3:00pm: Doomsday
4:00pm: The Doctor’s Wife
5:00pm: Journey’s End
6:00pm: The Girl in the Fireplace
7:00pm: Blink
8:00pm: Vincent and The Doctor

To see the full schedule for Sunday and for the remainder of Doctor Who takeover week, head on over to the BBC America website. 

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